We've Come So Far In Our Lifetime

We need you to keep that momentum going!
Many of us still recall the days when television would never show two people of the same gender share a kiss...or even hold hands. Now we live in a time when the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor or marriage equality. We've accomplished so much, yet there is so much more to do. Since the late 1970's the LGBTQ+ Choral Movement has been a crucial tool for advocacy, unity and education. The Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida is proud to continue this legacy through our music. We are proud to serve as cultural ambassadors for our community and provide a voice for those who do not have one. Help ensure this work continues by joining our legacy giving program. By including the Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida in your estate planning, you can help sustain our organization and keep our voices carrying long into the future.

Our Generous Contributors

John Burch
Bob Pagano
Charles Nicoll
Don Tomsello
Donald Croxton
Doug Pew
George King
Mitchell Grant

Gerald Kennedy
Greg Futchi (in memory)
Fred Boykin
Jack Killen
John Hohl (in memory)
Marty Kaplan
Christopher Chouinard
Paul Smith

Peter Kimball
Robert Beardsley
Mark & Robert Benson
Ralph Stivali
Al LaMorges (in memory)
George V. Brown III in memory)

We invite you to join the current list of those who have been so generous with us.
Please contact our Executive Director Mark Kent at (954) 762- 2266
or by email at mkent@gmcsf.org for more information.